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Can you feel full on a diet?

It’s hard right?


Staring at all those people, eating whatever they want and you’re sat there with your chicken salad.


Your stomach begins to rumble as you get envious.


Trouble is, you want to lose fat and it’s the only way you know how to.


Starve yourself thin


Chicken / Turkey salad right?


Eat that and you’ll be ok.


No carbs.


Problem is, you get hungry as ****.


We’ve all been there.


I was there a little while ago until I developed as a PT.


Until I took courses and furthered my education.


Am I hungry when I’m trying to lose weight? Yes, a little.


But I’m telling you 100% it’s a lot more manageable.


So how do I manage my intake and that of my clients when on a deficit?


I add VOLUME in to our diet.


Make it seem like they’re eating A LOT more than they think.


Make them and myself feel full after every meal.


And in-between.


How can you do this?


  1. Eat less of one thing. Seriously. It sounds simple right? But if there’s cake on show or perhaps you have a high calorie dense food. Don’t eat so much of it. You’ll max out your calories and end up feeling hungry all day. Imagine that. Eating a few calorific biscuits and cakes and before you know it, you’re near your pre determined calorie threshold. No one likes that feeling. Instead, have less and use those remaining calories wisely. You could possibly get another 2-3 meals out of those extra calories.
  2. Swap your foods. Used to having red meat, or pasta’s or oils? Swap them. Use 1 cal spray oils which gives you extra calories. Swap the red meat and save on the protein and fats. For instance, pasta can be swapped for courgette noodles or Zero Noodles or even cauliflower rice, red meat can be swapped for chicken or turkey with extra fats on the plate like avocados. They help just making your plate appear fuller. Therefore you’re more satiated.
  3. Drink water. Can’t stress this enough. You need to keep drinking. The water swells your stomach. Makes you feel full. Also, when we’re hungry – most of the time we just need water. You’ll be surprised how good it feels to drink more than you’re used to. Aim for 1l per 25kg of bodyweight.
  4. Stack up on veggies. If your plate appears empty then just go and dump veggies on them. Broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, the lot. Why not? All of a sudden your plate appears full, your mind is thinking happy days and your now chomping your way through what seems like a decent portion.


These little tips become a GOD-SEND when all you want to do is just eat.


When all you want to do is just rip that meal out of that persons hands and eat it.


No? Just me then…

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