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Breaking Through Barriers, Understanding Anxiety & Identifying Triggers With Rob Blackburne

In this episode I chat to the incredible coach that is Rob Blackburne about the dark side of fitness. Rob is a personal trainer, life coach, Master NLP practioner, runs several successful businesses as well as two of his own podcasts – Sex, Chips & Rock n Roll & The Footballers Mindset


It’s not all about moving more and eating less, it goes beyond that with your environment, mindset, identity, family, relationships and work all seemingly getting in the way of your best body.


Rob breaks down each struggle you have, and shows you how you can lose weight, get fit and feel confident through the language you speak and the habits you create.


If you struggle to lose weight, or change who you are as a person, this is an insightful chat to what goes on in our mind and how we can change that to better ourselves for life.
You can get more of Rob’s thoughts here


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