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Why breakfast is a waste of time

Why breakfast is a waste of time

All these gurus saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Why though?

What makes it so special?

I mean I’m sitting here, having dropped over 5% body fat having rarely eaten before 11:30am most days.

My first meal is normally a protein shake followed by chicken, veg and sweet potato.

Pretty tasty I have to admit.

It’s not that I get up late though and stroll out of bed dreary eyed and make myself a cuppa to wake me up whilst I cook my food.

Far from it.

I’m up at 6/6:30am most days to crank out some tasks before I tackle the rest of my day.

I train and do some HIIT all whilst living in a ‘fasted’ state.

For me, it works, as you can tell from these photos.


But why?

Why does it seem to work so well for me?

Having looked at the last couple of weeks, I’m beginning to see some patterns that you can resonate with.

For starters, I have a coffee every morning which seems to wake me up.

I also train around 45 minutes after waking up, so if I ate beforehand, I might feel a little sick.

I time my food quite well so when I go to bed, I’m pretty full, which in turn keeps me fuller when I wake up.

Having that regular routine seems to work pretty well.

I also focus on other tasks early in the morning too.

For starters I may write my emails, or read a book and go through certain essentials. IE brush my teeth / make a coffee.

This forces me to not really worry about food as my mind is elsewhere. Focusing on other tasks rather than food.

Trust me, if I thought about it, I’d overeat.

I just prioritise other areas of my life.

From there I train, and with training I might take some BCAAs with me, or maybe not.

Just depends on the day. Mostly though, I take 10g of BCAAs during my workout.

Training at the moment consists of heavy lifts, pretty much as heavy as I can go on four different exercises.

  1. Squat
  2. Bench press
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Military press

I aim for around 90/95% of my maximum with these.

It’s tough yes, but the food doesn’t hinder my progress.

I also feel a little more lighter throughout the workout rather than feeling a little groggy, which is what I usually feel when I’m lifting on a heavy stomach.

So does the lack of food hinder my progress?

No, not yet anyways.

When I’m in the ‘zone of training’ and have been working out for roughly 45-60 minutes I move on to my HIIT.

[I’ll go in depth on another post about this and why I only do 8 minutes 3 x a week].

But as I’ve already taken on roughly 2 litres of water throughout the day, with coffee I’m pretty focused and feel quite full.

As I’m hydrated, my performance increases and so does my energy.

Keeps me full and my mind off of food. It’s the last thing I need when I’m doing sprints.

So I shower and then drive home, whilst listening to an audiobook (currently The Power of Habits) which again, keeps me focused as I’m taking mental notes.

Can you see a pattern here that food isn’t allowed to enter my mind?

Getting home at around 10:30 I make myself a protein shake.

And before you say a protein shake is food…

It’s around 100 calories and water.

So, in this context, it’s a drink.

Reviewing my morning:

  • Up at 6/6:30am
  • Meditate / read a chapter of a book
  • Hit some tasks up (probs emailing you wonderful people)
  • Have a coffee
  • Brush teeth and make my bed
  • Workout & shower
  • Do some sprints in between that
  • Listen to an hour of a book (minimum)
  • Have a shake

So quite a lot right?

All by 10:30am.

And then I hit my food up at 11:30am.

Like I said, protein, carbs and veg more often than not and at this point I really don’t feel that hungry, I just make myself eat because it’s now necessary for my body to recover.

Where does that leave me?

Really frickin happy because I now have from 12-10pm to eat quite a lot (1500-1800 calories).

So yeah, I’m now eating a fair amount, whilst on a deficit, throughout the rest of the day.

And I work from home so I can graze. My food is packed and I track everything. It because I have a lot of calories to play around with, I can afford to eat a little of what I want that’s unprepared.

Maybe there’s some nuts on the side, or Greek yoghurt, or some oats and blueberries I can have.

There would be nothing worse than working from home and not being able to eat.

I’d go crazy.

Imagine if I ate a lot of calories in the morning and then had to sit at home resisting the temptation to eat because I can’t afford the calories?

Not great no?

I’d probably capitulate and just pig out.

Chocolate covered mouth and an empty pack of Maryland cookies later and I would have done some damage.

I also know I’m going to have a largish dinner in the evening. By that I mean volume, not necessarily calories.

Roast dinner, without potatoes, or with, depending on what’s left.

Love a bit of meat (steak or pork or fish) and veg. Chuck some cabbage on there and hmmmmm…

Staple of my diet.

So for me?

Yes, breakfast is a waste of time.

I don’t need it to work out and by ‘skipping’ it, it means I can have more in the afternoon which satisfies my cravings.

All in all a win.

But the biggest thing?

I’ve built habits which means that food doesn’t really have the time to enter my brain?

I’m constantly focused on other tasks. Reading books, hitting up tasks or working out which makes it near on impossible to sit down and eat.

My advice for you?

Don’t listen to the gurus that tell you breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

It really isn’t.

The most important meal is the one you’re going to have next and if you have cravings you really can’t control?

It’s what I remind my online clients about everyday.

Find that cues that trigger them and replace them with something else so those cravings no longer have the space to take over your thoughts.


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