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Hit A Plateau? (even if your weight hasn’t budged in 6 weeks here’s how to fix it)

If Your Fitness Hasn’t Improved Or Your Weight Hasn’t Budged In 6 Weeks Even Though You’re Trying Everything Possible To Break Past It. Read This And Apply The 3 Simple Tips To Break Through Any Plateau And Never Get Stuck Again


I have to admit, there’s nothing worse than hitting a plateau with your weight and never being able to break it. No matter what you’re doing, or how hard your training sometimes it seems like you’re destined to stay the same shape and weight.

Fortunately there is a way to break through any plateau, regardless of your effort and over the next few minutes, you’re going to discover the 3 simple steps I take with my clients to push past plateaus and continually see progress.

But it all starts with you.

You have to understand what you’re doing now may not be the best way for you.

I can’t remember how many clients have come to me saying

‘I’ve tried every diet under the sun but I just can’t seem to get below 9 stone’


‘I’m doing back to back gym classes but my weight still isn’t budging’

I get it, plateaus are demotivating.

They destroy your soul. Your effort deserves more, and so does your patience.

Before we start though, you have to understand what a plateau is.

a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.

And to break this period of little or no change we have to master 3 steps below

  • Measure
  • Track
  • Tweak


To begin with you have to measure, if you don’t measure how do you know if you’ve plateau’d?

It’s not simply a case of checking the scales. The scales are only one part of it. However, if it’s purely for aesthetics and you wan’t to look better, or fit into smaller clothes than there’s 2 other main areas we need to measure.

They are

  • Pictures
  • Body fat

along with

  • Scale Weight

Pictures are best taken from the front, side and behind, like so.

Body fat can be done with callipers and it’s how we measure our own private clients progress.

These three points get tested every other week, to ensure continued progress. We don’t measure daily as that’ll just get demotivating and we hardly measure weekly simply because within two weeks there’s greater progress.

 Breaking plateau

Next we Track.

And tracking can be done two ways.

You measure what you eat and you measure what you burn.

Measuring what you eat

This is simple and can be done by downloading Myfitnesspal, or by using (if you have one) Fitbit’s own diet tracker, or even still, using our very own uFit food tracker within our app.

Quite simply you scan and enter every single thing you ingest.

Crisps, chocolate, snacks, the lot. It all goes into MyFitnessPal

Measuring what you burn

Can be done again, very easily by buying one of these

Fitbit Alta HR

That way you can see how many calories you’re burning daily AGAINST what you’re eating daily.

Because, by now you should realise weight loss happens by being in a caloric deficit.

You will not lose weight otherwise.

And after we’ve tracked for a period of two weeks we


Now when I say tweak I don’t mean change 100 things at a time. That just gets confusing and in reality you won’t know what worked and what hasn’t. You’ll be back to square one, guessing.

Remember the three areas we measure?

  • Pictures
  • Body fat
  • Scale weight

If two of those three things hasn’t budged, you tweak. If for instance your body fat and pictures have changed but your weight has stayed the same then you haven’t plateau’d, you’re just not measuring your progress correctly.

But it has to be 2 out of the 3. Understand? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, your progress isn’t defined by the number on the scale. It’s defined by ALL 3.

Here are a few ways in which you can tweak your progress and I strongly advise you only tweak one thing at a time.

This way you can measure it’s effectiveness and whether it’s actually worked or not before adding something else.

It’s exactly how I got one of my clients (pictured below) from 80kg to 55kg.

Here’s the real art though.

Decide whether to drop your calories OR increase your exercise.

Now for most woman, if you’ve been tracking and you’re having around 1100 calories a day? Then I wouldn’t drop them any further.

I couldn’t live off less than 2300 a day, and most of my woman clients are hovering around 1500.

In that case I would increase my exercise.

You can do this a number of ways

never any plateau slough bootcamp

Increasing NEAT

Put simply, NEAT is the amount of calories you burn NOT exercising. (Non exercise activity thermogenesis). That could be through walking to the shops, walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift or even fidgeting.

What our bodies do though, as we begin to lose weight is adapt. And it’s ridiculously clever at it too. You’ll begin to burn LESS calories through NEAT as you drop weight so in essence, by increasing your neat…

Going from 6,000 steps a day to 7,ooo or 9,ooo will go someway in burning extra calories.

Calories that can therefore put you in a deficit and help you break that plateau without much stress on the body.

Use your fitbit, or smart watch and begin to track carefully your daily NEAT, try to increase your steps by 2,000 a day to start. See how that goes and build from there.

Changing Your Routine

If you’re a cardio bunny, and love the cross trainer, treadmill and bike I’m afraid you need to switch it up.

Try adding in weights, and higher intensity workouts.

They’re unbelievable at burning more calories and boosting your metabolism by building strength.

Our own group workouts are designed in such a way that we use ‘negative rest periods’ to really ramp up our metabolism.

We also incorporate moderate bursts of high intensity work coupled with short active recovery sets to really build strength, and not only allow you to see results on the scales, but see it too when you measure with pictures.

no plateau

In fact, we give you 7 days FREE to test out these workouts, so you can see the results for yourself.

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Increasing The Frequency Of Exercise

If you’re hitting the gym 2x a week then up it to 3 or 4 times.

Increasing your output will lead to greater results in the mirror or on the scales.

By doing more, you’re going to get stronger and see quicker progress due to the frequency of the sessions.

In fact, a recent study came out that measured people who trained twice a week compared to 4 x a week.

Studies showed that those that trained 4x a week lost a greater amount of body fat compared to those that only trained twice. 

That’s the exact reason we do 4 sessions a week. Three in the week and one on the weekend.

It’s shown to be the most beneficial for continued progress.

If you’re happy with your current exercise routine however, it’s best to alter your diet.

ufit bootcamp friends

Decreasing Your Caloric Intake

No, I don’t mean crash diet and severely restrict yourself to 700 calories a day.

I mean make a small and subtle change, one that doesn’t seem like a lot.

Here’s what you need to do.

Decrease your calories 5-10%.

That means if you’re eating 1500 calories a day, eat between 1425-1350 calories a day.

Keep your protein levels the same.

Because when you’re trying to lose weight, you want to preserve as much muscle as possible.

Here’s how you can workout how much protein you need.

The calories you’ve chopped can come from your carbohydrates or fats. Essentially I’m saying eat a little less rice, or cut out that chocolate bar or reduce the portion of nuts you have each day.

Remember small and subtle, not big and drastic. 

And that’s all you need to do.

If you’re beyond this stage and only have around 5 or so lbs to lose? Then these advanced dieting tricks might serve you better here.

But as I’ve mentioned it’s

  • Measuring
  • Tracking
  • Tweaking

It’s not overcomplicating it and shooting from the hip.

It’s being methodical and approaching your plateau with patience and consistency.

Note: I could talk about sleep, stress and the duration and severity of your diet but I’ll presume you’ve got these under control for now.

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