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The Biggest Mistake Your Making When Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

Everyone wants to lose weight. Or so it seems.

Whether it’s 5lbs or 10 or more.

In our life we’ll probably be jumping on the scales hoping they’re going down at some point.

For me, I have a few months yet before I wanna see the scales drop.

Having said that, there’s a lot of mistakes I see regularly when you’re trying to drop fat.

-> Focusing on the scale rather than how you feel

When starting out, focusing on the end goal will lead to frustration and a lack of results.

You can’t control the outcome right now but what you can do is focus on the process.

Before you start, remove the need to check your weight every day. Once a week is cool.

If your workouts are getting better, you’re getting stronger and your energy is increasing then happy days.

Work off that, you’re stepping in the right direction and be happy with that.

If you’re starting to look different in the mirror in a positive way then it’s safe to say your doing the righ things.

-> Turning to soups and liquid stuff

Probably the biggest thing I see happen.

You stop eating normal food and turn to soups and smoothies.


The thing with this is that you tend to drop all calories to the point where you’re probably going to be hitting 800 a day.

On top of that you cut out the majority of your protein.

Low protein & low Cals will see weight loss to start with but beyond that, it’ll stall, you’ll lose muscle mass and slow your metabolism to the speed of your grandmas driving. ?

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-> Thinking detoxes will actually detox you.

The supplement industry is a £12 billion a year industry.

And no doubt you’ll come across Herbalife, Juice Plus, and any other juicing book company telling you you have toxins and you need to ‘cleanse’ your gut first as that’s the way to losing weight.

It’s a marketing scam.

Truth is, your body is pretty good at digesting stuff and ridding your body of a build up of toxins.

You have a liver and kidneys right?

Just reduce your calories so you’re in a deficit and it’ll have the same effect.

-> Not understanding protein, carbs and fats.

carbs are scary

Thing is.

First thing you’ll do is want to drop carbs as they’re dreaded.

Not true.

Carbs provide energy.

Your body needs energy.

But then you’ll go ahead and have soups and smoothies which is just carbs??

Understand protein, carbs and fats and the importance of each before you cut them out because some magazine told you to do so.

-> Cutting too many calories

Getting below 1000 a day is sustainable for so long.

Sure you’re gonna lose weight in the short term but think a few weeks down the line.

What happens when your weight loss stalls? You going to cut them even more??

You’ll get to the point you can’t eat anymore.

Not a situation you want to be in.

Understand how many you’re having right now and reduce by 10%.

Or, if you’re already having a crazy low amount?

Just add 10% to your daily total. So maybe 50-100 Cals a day for a week and go from there.

-> Thinking you need to do loads of exercise.


Don’t waste 3 hours in the gym sweating over every cardio machine.

Your metabolism isn’t gonna increase nor will it be thanking you.

Use some weights, build some metabolism and build strength and burn fat at the same time.

In and out in 45 minutes.

Use weights and build a mini circuit around that.

Something like this works well.



And if you’re hitting the above and face palming yourself because you’re doing them, then use this blueprint below and never hit a plateau again…

Or start again, for that matter.

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