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How to Avoid Confrontation during the Holidays

Having been reading a bit today I stumbled across some awesome content relating to the healthy eating vs holiday food war that always happens around this time!

If your families anything like mine I constantly get asked questions about X, Y and Z food. `My family knows I love food and I have my weak spot but they also like to kid themselves into thinking, ‘Well if Sam’s having it, it must be ok!’

I think my family still don’t get the idea of healthy eating, sure I tell them about it but they aren’t so straight edged about it as I am.
That’s why I always get peppered with questions at this time of year.

And it can be difficult. Really difficult. You’re trying to eat healthy but your family or whomever you’re with tries to knock you down. It happens. ‘Why are you eating that?’ ‘Why aren’t you having some?’.

It can be difficult, your family either supports you and helps you through with healthy eating OR they put a downer on it. They can be envious, angry, upset at their failing fitness regime and want to keep on a par with you. Don’t let that happen. Or it could simply be that they’ve made a lot of food and don’t want it to go to waste.

Whatever happens stand up for yourself and use these guidelines / sayings may just be the saviour you are looking for!

  • When you’re eating spread your food out, make it look like you have a lot, don’t stack it vertically.
  • Chew your food slowly, allow your body to tell you when you’re full.
  • If your family loves going back for seconds or thirds and you need to ‘join in’ then take smaller and smaller portions and don’t put so much on your plate in the first place.
  • Another trick is to put proteins on your plate first, so all the meat then add the veggies, by this time you’ll have less space for your carbs i.e. potatoes etc and you shouldn’t need so many.

Now, you may be thinking: “That’s great and all Sam, but what can I actually say to my family members to get me through dinner?”

Don’t worry, we got you covered. I found this helpful info below here
Let’s go over ten common questions and comments, and SPECIFICALLY how to respond.

1) “But you LOVE ________.”

“I know, crazy huh? I just haven’t really wanted them lately.”

“Yeah, I don’t know. Just not really in the mood for them today!”

2) “Just one won’t kill you! Come on, it’s the holidays!”

“Oh, totally, it definitely wont. Hey, did I hear you went to France a few months ago?”

“I know it won’t, I just really don’t want one right now.”

“It being the holidays doesn’t make my stomach like it any better!”

3) “It’s just one day! You can go back on your diet tomorrow!”

Yeah, maybe I’ll have some later. I’m just really full right now.

“No, I know – but ___ just doesn’t sit well in my stomach any more, so I’d really rather not.”

4) “But they are your favourite! I made them just for you!”

“Thank you so much! I’m just so full right now, would you mind if I packaged some up and took it home?”

If you’re lucky like me and have a huge family, use something like: “Actually, they’re Sue’s favorite. You’re probably confused because I used to always take extra and sneak them to her when you weren’t looking.” This is an actual line I’ve used with my grandmother before. Yes, it worked!

5) “Come on, just sit and have one with me!”

“I’d absolutely love to sit and chat with you, I’m just completely stuffed right now. Lets go!”

6) “Oh come on, you’re already fat!”

“And if I continue on with that attitude I will always be fat, so I would like to ask you to support my decision so that we can spend many more holidays together in the future.”

“And I would really appreciate your support in my weight loss journey”

6) “You’re so thin! Why are you worrying!”/“You’re wasting away!”/”Do you think you’re fat?”

“This really doesn’t have anything to do with me being underweight or overweight, it’s just a decision I’ve made (along with my doctors) to improve my overall health.”

“No, I just have some thing with my stomach and I’m just not feeling it today”

7) “But you work out so much!”/ “Didn’t you work out yesterday?”

“Yeah, and in order to continue to do well with my workouts I need to eat right! Muscle builds when you’re resting and eating, so I need to make sure I’m eating the right things.”

“And eating poorly today would undo everything I just did, so I’d like to eat healthy so I can do better when I go tomorrow.”

“Yeah, but I’m absolutely stuffed, and can’t possibly eat another bite!”

8) “Are you on a diet?”

“I’m just trying to eat a little healthier and make some better decisions when it comes to food.”

“We’re actually doing some tests to see if I have some food allergies, so my doctor has asked that I don’t eat a few specific things for a few weeks.”

9) “I’d rather die than not have pie!”

*laugh* “I surprisingly don’t miss it that much. Plus, I love turkey, another helping is dessert enough for me.”
“My doctor thinks I might have an allergy to X, so until we figure that out it’s probably better that I don’t.”


10) “But I read a study that says you need X”

“You know, every study says something different, so I’ve really just been going with h

ow my body feels, and this is working for me!”

Memorise these and you will possibly save yourself a few pounds over the holidays!

Hey, and if you do mess up on one day get back to it the next, don’t beat yourself up and revert back to the old ways, it’s happened now so move on and make sure the next day is back to normal. Subscribe to the “never two in a row” rule.

Hope this helps!

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