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Another uFit Success…

Another uFit success story.


I would just like to show you Eszter’s recent transformation 🙂

12 weeks in and Eszter really is embracing her whole nutrition / exercise routine. To be honest, from my part it’s been relatively easy! hah. I can give Eszter things to do each week and I know 100% that it will be done, simple. It’s not always like this for my clients but Eszter has put everything in to it and so far, her results are looking good. Down a total of 13 cm off her waist, over 15cms off her hips and roughly 9% body fat. So there’s still a long way to go, Eszter will tell you that but I thought I’d share her progress at the moment!

Oh, and 25lbs too!

This has been managed solely through Bootcamp and 4 personal training sessions in 12 weeks. I’ve given Eszter meal plans to follow, which allow for cheating but generally clean eating and a high proportion of protein / fats along with nutrient dense food. It started simple and from then it’s evolved week by week, depending on her progress the previous week 🙂

If you’re struggling to get in to shape, or think you may need someone to guide you, remember, it’s ok to ask.







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