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And the Winner for April is…


Louize won the 21 day challenge and was awarded with a years FREE membership to bootcamp! Needless to stay she was pretty excited…Listen to Louize’s story and hopefully you’ll draw some inspiration from it 🙂

What are your health and fitness goals?
My main health and fitness goal is to make lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes – no fad diets etc! To be conscious of making better choices to ensure my goals are long-term focused.

What made you join uFit?
I originally joined uFit in Jan2014 after a few friends had joined and commented on how good the sessions were. After the first session I needed no convincing! Family and work commitments prevented me from attending as much as I would have liked in 2014. Partaking in the 21 day fat loss challenge in March 2015 gave me the opportunity to focus on nutrition and exercise – long enough to notice changes and realise that long term commitment could see real results


What changes have you noticed since you started training with us?
Us women do love to see results when we stand on the scales or take our measurements and this is something I have focused far too much on over the years. The biggest change I have noticed since joining uFit is my mind-set.  I am more aware of food choices and the importance of rest as well as appreciating the need to give 100% to training for those 45 minutes out of my day!


What would you say to anyone who is contemplating joining uFit?

The one thing I admire with uFit is there are no gimmicks involved! Results can be seen from past and present members. The trainers are committed to each member – techniques are corrected, advice is given and certainly no slacking allowed!


What is the biggest tip(s) you would give someone looking to improve their health and wellness?
Knowledge is key!
Understand what needs to change, what are the long term goals and what short term measurable goals which will keep you on track and motivated along the way.
Understand nutrition properly – it’s a massive health and wellness tool and one that is overlooked to frequently.
Have a routine – easier said than done at times but having a food prep day and set training days ensures short and long term goals can be met
Talk to and listen to your trainer! Take all the help and advice offered from the experts.


What one thing do you believe has made the greatest change to your health?
The 21 day fat loss challenge was a big eye opener to me. Regular training and nutrition planning resulted in me seeing a drop in body fat, weight and cm’s in the very first 7 days!


What has been your best experience at uFit so far?
Obviously seeing results has been a massive part of the experience but for me the people have made it what it is. The trainers and other members are all so welcoming, friendly and helpful – there is a definite family feel to uFit. Having been a member of numerous gyms over the years this is something that is really difficult to find and makes uFit unique

Smashed it Louize!! Top stuff, can’t wait to see your results over the coming year!!

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