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And the winner for March is…


This month we congratulated Carol on an awesome achievement, not missing sessions and staying on track!! Carol has been with us 18 months and has loved every minute. And so have we! 🙂


What are your health and fitness goals? – Keep myself fit and much healthier and maintain it, and to be even happier with myself.

What made you join uFit? – I joined uFit due to health reason, and also I do a sit down job. I don’t really like gyms find them boring and get no motivation from them but at uFit it’s all rounded, and you can make it as fun as possible.

What changes have you noticed since you started training with us? – The changes I have noticed is going down a size in clothes and feeling much better in myself. Can do a lot more of the exercises much better than when I 1st started at uFit. More energy and push myself more every time. More confident in myself all round.

What would you say to anyone who is contemplating joining uFit? – Join up!!!! Yes the classes are hard work but you don’t come to potter about. You get back what you put in and you also come at your own free will, the classes are fun and also makes it more inviting with the people there, as you’re not judged by how you look (hence the saying Ufit family) your part of a team.!!!!

What is the biggest tip(s) you would give someone looking to improve their health and wellness? – Look at the foods you are eating 1st, and then go from there small steps to start with. If you stick with it you will see the results in the end.

What one thing do you believe has made the greatest change to your health? – Just me getting up and doing something about it and sticking with it.

What has been your best experience at uFit so far? – I would say the color run we done in 2014. Was great fun to be part of a team, and doing something I would have never thought of doing. Sticking together all the way round even though we did manage to lose someone on the way round!!!!

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