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8 Tips to Win on the Weekend

We often don’t notice the effects the weekends have on us.

Whether it’s a party, social event or some sort of other meet up we skip over it as its the weekend.

It’s the norm right?

But to be honest, it’s what generally has the biggest effect on our results.

Here I outline 8 tips to keep you winning through the weekend and not just Monday – Friday.

That gets you nowhere.

1. Eat before

Yes, eating before really is probably the best way. You’re already full so there’s less snacking that goes on, which means less calories and less of the bad stuff.

If you can load yourself up on some satiating proteins with fibrous veg (dark green leafy stuff) beforehand then you’re on to a winner.

Not only do you feel awesome after eating that stuff, you’ll be less inclined to eat rubbish after. You just won’t have room for it.

2. Bring your own food

Bringing your own food is another great way of staying off the crap. By bringing some fish, or your vegan protein sources not only will everyone look at you as you make them incredibly guilty, but you can do it with a little sly look on your face knowing you’re on your way to a killer body.

3. Make a commitment to yourself

Set yourself a target.”I’m only going to eat this today.””I’m only going to have one drink today.”

Whatever your goals may be, set them, write them down and try your hardest to stick to them. Your results depend on them.

4. Share your story

When you arrive tell people about your goal of getting leaner and fitter and in order for that to happen, you need to stay off the drink / food. People will understand, your friends will understand, if they believe in you. If they want you to be in better shape, they will support you, otherwise they’re just uncomfortable about their own bodies and you’re making them feel more insecure by getting healthier.

If that is the case and they’re being negative about it, tell them to join you.

5. Ask why

The last point leads me on to the next point. If people are putting you down for making ‘better’ choices ask them why it makes them feel uncomfortable.

There’s nothing more to it, the response will be interesting.

6. Drive

The good old designated driver. By being the driver you can’t drink so you’re not only saving money, you’re saving your health too.

Instead of the cab, ask to drive, and leave knowing you’ll be fresh in the morning.

There’s no better feeling than waking up and feeling AWESOME when everyone else around is hanging.

7. Be that annoying person

Yes, that’s me. The one that orders healthy when I’m out with mates. The one that drives and the one that brings his own food.

Basically the one that cares about my health.

Be that person, there’s not enough of us out here at the moment and the world needs more.

More leaders to inspire others. There’s too many average Joes and not enough Madonnas.

She’s 54 and looks awesome!!!


8. Man Up

Took me a while to come up with a title here but then I thought better.

I’ll be honest. Man up.

You want a better body so start acting like it. It may mean you need to slightly alter your foods habits or not drink as much.

The worlds become soft and this may offend some of you. And I’m ok with that. Sometimes the truth needs to be spoken.

You don’t have to eat cake as that’s the only food on offer. You don’t have to drink alcohol because your friends are buying the rounds and that’s what they got you.

Take pride in knowing you own your own destiny. Your image and look is down to you.

No one else, no matter how hard it is in certain situations, you ALWAYS have a choice.

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