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8 Fat Loss Myths That You Need To Dismiss

The Next 8 Myths Need To Die…Right Now

There’s a few myths that have been bashed around for a while now and for everyone that isn’t clued up on what’s right and what’s wrong, I thought I’d get to the bottom of it!

It doesn’t matter how many calories you eat as long as it’s healthy

Watched that daytime program today with Hollie Willoughby & Peter Schofield in it.

Can’t remember the name ??

Amelia, some dietician came on with her magic cookbook, the 10 day reset.

(Reset what though?)

I’ll give her credit, she started well.

Get your veggies/fruits in, and your protein

And then moved on to carbs and fats.

‘It’s a healthy way of life’ was her motto.

Apparently you can have as much oil as you want because it’s healthy?

So go on, sprinkle that olive oil on your salad – It’s healthy you know.

But it’ll cost you 250 calories. Did anyone tell you that? ?

I get where she’s coming from, it’s a healthy way of life and people need to be more conscious but she can’t expect everyone to follow such restriction 24-7??

“You won’t fancy the cakes or chocolate after 5 days on this program” she said.

Hold on….WHAT?!

Of course I will!!

No matter how long I go without chocolate I’ll still want it.

And I most DEFINITELY will have some.

In essence; A healthy diet is one that you can stick to, will help you reach your goals ALL whilst keeping you sane in the brain.

And that’s why she has a 10 day book as opposed to a 10 year one.

Her results are just that.

Short term.


Don’t eat carbs after 6pm

I don’t eat after 6 because my metabolism slows down and all that…

Apparently it slows down and anything you eat after turns to fat??

It’s true, that’s what Bieber says over here.

And he’s lean and has guns so it’s legit advice of course.

Carb myths

Firstly, let’s be real.

You can eat whenever you want.

Whether it’s 10pm or 3am.

It makes no different.

Your body doesn’t automatically shut off its digestion as soon as the clock hits 6.

Like ‘Nah, ive done enough today. I can’t be bothered anymore’.

If you work shifts and your shift is like 10-6pm then when do you eat??

All your calories before you work?? Then nothing after.

But you’re probably telling me

– But Ive lost 3lbs not eating after 6pm.

You know why that is??

You’re saving yourself a good 600 calories so you’re creating a bigger deficit.

Whether that’s from fats, protein or carbs.

You’re eating less so losing weight.

Nice job ?

But it doesn’t mean you have to stop at 6.

Do it as a way to save on calories AND not because you’re metabolism isn’t as fast or any other pointless advice you’ve been given from Bieber over here.

PS. Good luck when you’re on holiday and there’s a time difference…

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Diets have to be boring…

Once saw this diet plan that went

> Breakfast: 2 egg omelette

> Snack: 10 Almonds

> Lunch: 2 Boiled Egg Salad

> Snack: 1 Apple (pre workout)

> Dinner: 1 chicken breast and a cup of rice with broccoli.

What. The. Fuck.

diet myth

Who eats that?

Actually, who’s happy on that? Can you imagine eating that 7 days a week, kill me know…

When starting out, make it a priority to include the foods you love.

It’s pretty obvious if you do that you’re going to stick to the script.

It’s easy to do, and it’s something I teach our members.

If you enjoy chocolate, include a little bit here and there. If haribo is you achilles heel (it’s 100% mine) just subtract the cals and carbs from your normal intake and boom, you have a bit of fun in meals.

It doesn’t have to be boring, tasteless and drive you insane AKA chicken and broccoli 24/7.

Know your calorie intake and work from that, just make sure you don’t go over it 🙂

In the group in the comments below I’m actually going to show you how you can fit a doughnut, chocolate and a glass of vino into your day.

Check it out the comments if you wanna see how I do it

You Have To Cut Out Gluten, Dairy And Fizzy Drinks

Crap myth


People often over complicate weight loss more than marriage…

Cutting sugar, dairy, wheat, calories, fizzy drinks, alcohol, carbs, fats, turning to juices 12 x a day…

Going to 3 hour cardio sessions, gym classes back to back, slaving away on the treadmills, sweating one out before moving on to the cross trainer.

It’s No wonder why you fail.

Instead work out how many calories you burn in a day.

1. Work out a deficit of 15%.

Stick to it.

2. Go to the gym 3x a week and use the weights. 45 mins is enough. Followed by 10/15 mins of HIIT.

Be consistent and mix up your routine.

3. Make it easy to win. Forget about sugar and dairy and refined stuff and whether you can eat carbs after 6.01pm (which is totally fine btw…)

Do them above and after a period of 2 months of CONSISTENCY only then can you start to venture out and look at altering your macros, paying special attention to your macros and then managing meal timings etc.

Hit the basics first.

Crawl before you run.

Get a routine in place before you try and change it.

Ps. This is for sustainable results.

If you wanna strip body fat fast and don’t give a crap about how you’ll look in 6 months time totally ignore this advice.

And definitely don’t head to this group too

Having Too Much Protein Is Dangerous


Is there such thing as too much protein though?

The amount you eat, no.

You’re jumping from 30g a day to 50g and you weigh 75kg.

You’re never going to turn into the Incredible Hulk like that…

Thing is, you could get away with 200g and still be fine.

You might struggle with your bowel movements for a while though ??

You should only be worried about how much protein you consume IF

– You have a pre existing medical condition
– You’re eating over 3-4x your bodyweight EVERY SINGLE DAY

And let’s face it, you’re barely getting in 1/3 of your weight in.

For most of you on here, you’re going to be dieting so it’s important to keep your protein high enough that you actually lose fat, not muscle.

Plus you want to get stronger right?

That’s what protein does.

It repairs, grows and develops your soft tissue and muscles.

Plus, it keeps you full too!

Be horrible going to the gym and getting weaker right?

What use would that be?

You see that person that’s in the gym with the nicely defined back and toned arms and legs?

I bet she’s not scared of protein…

Weight loss goal??

Aim for 1g per kg of bodyweight if you can and stay consistent.

And if you’re nowhere near that yet?

Aim to add 15g to your day, each week until you hit that target.

Weight gain goal?

Aim for 0.8g per lb of bodyweight and up your carbs 😉

Ps. If you’re over 35% bodyfat, have 1g per lean lb of body mass.

Otherwise good luck chugging that amount down!!

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You Have To Be In A Big Deficit

It’s funny.

I hear clients say:

“I’ll starve on 1600 calories. That’s nothing.”

Then they swap shit, calorific food for wholesome, single ingredient foods and all of a sudden it’s

“F**k, I can’t even eat 1200 let alone 1600!”

You see, there’s a ton of food you can eat and get away with for 1600.

Take pasta…

> 75g uncooked gives you 266 calories.

> 75g of cauliflower rice gives you 17 calories.

Huge difference. ???

Not only that but it’ll fill you up like crazy too!!


Now those 249 calories that youve just saved can be used on even more food…

…Like skittles!! ? (Jks)

Detoxes Are Awesome

Who’s waking up to a Herbalife / forever living / Usana shake for breakfast?




detox myths

Let me ask you a question?

What are you going to eat after you finish your shakes??

Chances are you’ll go back to normal eating and pile the weight back on.

You’ve gone from having 700 calories

(That’s how you’ve lost weight by the way)

To your Normal 1800 calories.

That jump is the reason you put the weight back on.

Your body is ‘primed’ to gain weight.

If you’re sold on the:

It’ll get rid of the toxins

It’ll detox you or

You’ll lose 7lbs in 4 days.

Ask what toxins?

Is there such thing as a detox?

And what happens after those 4 days, it’s mainly water retention anyways that you’ve lost.

Not real body fat.


Learn about nutrition, understand you want to be healthy for life, not just 4 days.

You can’t possibly keep up two shakes a day for the rest of your life.

Eat real whole foods full of nutrients, all day.

Be more active and get walking more.


Be in a caloric deficit to lose weight CONSISTENTLY…

And it doesn’t have to be drastic (like 750 Cals) it could be 1500, or 1900 etc.

Comment below if these ‘fads’ do your head in too…

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

For those of you that don’t eat breakfast…

fitness myths

When trying to get healthier AND lose weight remember both your goals when you’re sorting out your food.

Sure you want to be healthy and you may think that actually eating breakfast will help you “be more healthy” but here’s the kicker.

> It won’t make you healthier, kickstart your metabolism OR help you lose weight. < 

Here’s the thing.

By adding more food into your diet (aka breakfast) you’re potentially going to be consuming more food which won’t help with the weight loss.

If you’ve never eaten breakfast and can’t stomach the idea of doing so, don’t make it even more challenging for yourself by forcing down food because you think it **may** do something good.

Instead focus on the meals you are having, make them better by focusing on the total calories and your protein amounts before attempting to add another portion of whatever into your day.

PS. If you already have breakfast, that’s cool. This isn’t directed towards you.

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 Any myths that you feel need to be added?

Drop them in the comments below…

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