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7 Questions You Should Ask Any Slough Personal Trainer Before Becoming a Client

You obviously want the best care possible from the Personal Trainer you choose, so it’s critical that you ask these 7 questions of any Slough Personal Trainer before becoming a client.

1. Have they had success before? It’s all well and good finding a cheap personal trainer but what do you know about them? Have they had success or are there no success stories they can share? If they can’t you may need to rethink your choice! All personal trainers should be able to show you a portfolio of clients achievements!

2. Do they engage on the nutrition as well? One thing you need hep with more than the exercise, whether you think so or not is the nutrition. Most personal trainers in Slough give little help and only offer shallow advice. Make sure you ask what he can do with your situation and whether he can help on the nutrition part. As that is a BIG player in determining your results.

3. How active is he on his website, blog or social media page? A personal trainer who can’t keep organised and updated means they’ll more than likely not take their job seriously. Have a look on a Facebook page, something like ours is a good example ( .It should be updated and be engaged the whole time.

4. Do they service similar people to yourself? If you’re a middle aged woman who wants to drop a few lbs do you need to be training with a body builder type of personal trainer? Probably not, so have a look at their testimonials and see who they’re engaging to see if you think they’d be a good fit for you.

5. How often do they re educate themselves? Are they resistant to change or not want to progress their knowledge further? If so, that is a big no no!!

6. How important is their business to them? Is it organised? Is it improving? If a personal trainer is satisfied with where they are now then how will they inspire you?

7. Do they follow their own beliefs? This is a tricky one, not all personal trainers are in good shape. But…having said that, you want to be inspired by them and know that they follow what they preach otherwise how can you trust them?

So there you have it, 7 Questions You Should Ask Any Slough Personal Trainer Before Becoming a Client. They’re extremely important so read them and take note.

Committed to your success

Sam Beagle

Personal Trainer


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