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6 Tips To Get Over The Most Unproductive Days EVER!…

We all have those days. We wake up eager to get things done and by the end of the day you’re stressing as you’ve hardly done anything!

You get more stressed minute by minute, hour by hour as you’re frustrated nothing is progressing as much as you’d like it to.

I had this exact day last Friday. I needed to get things done after being away for a few days and by the end of it I was wondering what I’d actually accomplished.

I’d just come off the plane, had minimal sleep and unsurprisingly I was eager to get things moving again.

But, for those days I’ve learnt a valuable lesson. And here are a few tips you can use for when those days happen!

1. Prioritise everything – if you have a list of priorities then work through that, working on what’s most important first.

2. Don’t get distracted – If you’re working on the top priority, make sure that’s done before you move on to anything else.

3. Work on the biggest task – Don’t start by working on the smaller tasks. They take up too much time and by the end of the day you’ll still have that big task hanging over your head!

4. Have regular breaks every 90 minutes. It’s easy to keep on working but you start to lose focus, become tired and sloppy with your work. Allow a 10 minute period where you can grab a green tea, step away from all the technology and de-stress

5. Write down everything that needs to get done the day before. If you know what needs to be done, you are less distracted and you can focus on those task entirely.

6. Get a good nights sleep! Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. There’s nothing worse than waking up already feeling tired and becoming daunted by the mountain of work you’ve got to get through!!

So there are my tips for keeping your days successful and productive. Use them and apply them.

If you have any other tips, let me know below!!

Committed to your success
Sam Beagle

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