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5 Ways uFit Bootcamp is Different and Better than Other Bootcamps in Slough

There are 5 important ways uFit Bootcamp & Personal Training stands apart from other Bootcamps. These five things make uFit Bootcamp different and better than any other Bootcamp in Slough:

1. We love our members and treat them like family. How many times have you gone to the gym and not spoken to anyone the whole time? You’ve just got on the cross trainer or treadmill, put your headphones on or watched tv and ran? Quite a few I guess! We’re not like that, you’ll work out with your friends and familiar people in a totally awesome studio where we give you the support and knowledge to make a big difference!

2. It’s completely exclusive. Only yourself and your new found friends can use the place. Making your workouts that much enjoyable. You haven’t got some weird men staring at you or some stinking person next to you putting you off your workout.

3. We deliver results, time and time again. And we mean that. We hold ‘coaching clinics’ every Thursday which are completely free for uFitters. In that time we give you the logistics and proven methods to get serious results. And that’s not including all the support we give via our emails, private social media groups, seminars or monthly newsletters.

4. We all enjoy getting free stuff! We love, I know you do too! Who wouldn’t like receiving gifts, flowers, t shirts, books that help you on your path to complete awesomeness?

5. Once you join you might just find your ‘BFF’. It’s happened quite a few times before and it’ll happen again. People just click and it’s a great feeling to be around like minded individuals who share your hunger and passion for success.

So there you have it, 5 Ways uFit Bootcamp is Different and Better than Other Bootcamps in Slough.


Committed to your success

Sam Beagle

Personal Trainer

uFit Bootcamp and Personal Training

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