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5 Steps to Put In Motion This Year

January is a time of resolutions and short comings.

It’s a time when gym owners get a sudden influx of customers all wanting to be lighter or in better shape. It’s a time when I have a crazy amount of emails and phone calls.

You’d think, as a fitness studio owner, I’d love January.

But I don’t.

It’s the time of year when time wasters are at large, where everyone asks for 6 packs in 6 weeks or to be a stone lighter in two.

It won’t work and usually I flog them off.

Do you know 88% of people with NYR fail within the first 21 days?

Our approach isn’t right for them as they’re after only one thing.

Quick results.

What if however, you could get out of that mindset and put some simple foundations down that made this year the year you finally had enough courage to last more than 3 weeks?

I’m not talking about a resolution, but a commitment that will be a whole lot easier to follow through with, with these 5 steps.

Build a Network. You have to have a network if you want to succeed. From time to time you’ll experience some low points, which is completely natural. Most people in those low points give up. But if you develop a strong enough network that you could rely on, could lean on, getting through those difficult periods have suddenly become a whole lot easier.

Build the Bigger picture. Losing weight is great but you have to understand why you want to do it. Build that bigger picture daily. What’s the reason you want to lose 10lbs? What will it mean to you when you get there? If you don’t have a strong enough why, you’ll never make it past week two. Build the bigger picture on your phone, as a screen saver, or as a montage on your wall. Find ways to build it up in such a way it hits you every day.

Create a habit. People said it takes 21 days to build a habit. That’s wrong. In fact it takes 66 days. That’s a long time right? Build small habits daily, that turn into small wins daily, weekly and monthly. Hit the gym after work, drink those 2.5l of water and have some protein in the morning. Build on one habit and go from there. It’s easier to stick to one than five.

Personal Development. This is a step I can’t stress highly enough. We all want more out of life. You want to be in better shape right? It all starts with your mind. Focus on improving your inner self before you start your outer self. The more you can develop as a person, the easier the journey will become. Two great resources are and The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Sleep Better. Sleep is such a big player in everything we do, it’s surprising how much we neglect it. Sleep resets our hormones, regulates body fat levels and switches us off, so we can be even better the next day. With poor sleep comes poor clarity and poor energy. Two things needed for the previous steps. Sort out your sleep and you’ll sort out your life. Aim for 7-8 hours a day (or if your’e like my girlfriend, 9-10 hours) and after a few weeks, build from there. You’ll be amazed how much easier everything is.

It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense. Start with these and no matter what your goals are for 2016, I guarantee they’ll be a whole lot easier if you follow through with these.


If you need help in setting up 2016 to be the last year of resolutions come talk to us and we’ll set you on the path to success.


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