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5 steps to make your new food and exercise plan easier to achieve

It’s always hard to adapt to a new eating and exercise plan or a new gym routine, here’s a few of Max’s tips to make it a whole lot easier to stick to!

1. Sign up to sessions a week or month at a time. That way there is no excuse to back out at the last minute.

When you sign up for something you often feel obliged to follow it through. Better yet, get your friends involved too. That way they’ll make you go and you’ll be less likely to cancel.

2. Add these to your diet: Green Tea (speeds up metabolism), Chilli (kick starts your body’s fat burners), Salsa (put on meat or fish to liven up meals you find boring).

These are a few quick fixes you can literally put to play straight away to help kick start your fat loss journey. Green Tea is awesome for hydrating your body as well, meaning your body starts to function better as a result. Chilli has a great thermogenic effect on your body, boosting your body’s fat burners and salsa…Well who doesn’t love salsa? We’ve got a great recipe which you’ll love and it’s super healthy!!

3. Picture your future self. When you get cravings for foods outside of your plan. Think about the consequences to to your goals. Resisting temptation will be worth it in the end.

You need to know why you’re doing it and where you want to go. If you have a clear plan you’ll be less likely to alter it as the end result won’t be as strong. Would you really sacrifice months or sometimes years of hard work for 2 minutes of pleasure? You’ll soon realise it’s not worth it.

4. Get rid of unwanted food from your kitchen, if they’re not there then you will not be tempted to eat them.

This is a great one. Go through the foods you have at home and throw away the foods that aren’t in your plan. If they’re not there you won’t eat them. Make a list of all the food you need and anything that’s not on that list either give away or chuck it in the bin. Don’t say you’ll eat it to get rid of it. See Tip #3 for why that’s not a good idea!

5.Set up a support network. Get your questions on the Private uFit members Facebook page, someone will always answer.

You may not be a client (I’m sure you will be when you’re ready) but you can certainly join Facebook groups or your local communities to help with your fat loss efforts. Creating a support network is huge and often underestimated in your fat loss journey.

If your finding things difficult, find someone with a similar goal and make each other accountable for staying on track. There is always someone who had been where you are and has come through it. We are TEAM UFIT for a reason!!!



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