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5 Habits of Highly Successful People

It’s not a surprise when people reach the targets they’ve set themselves. Success doesn’t happen overnight and neither does failure. But how does one become successful and see the results they want to see?

What separates these people from those that don’t?
1.  Build good habits
Habits are natural to us, whether we choose to have good ones or bad ones starts right from the very first second of the day.
Do you hit that snooze button? (Is that a guilty nod?). Thing is, that’s the first habit you’ve already rejected. You’re basically saying ‘I’m not ready for today’. If you’re not ready for today how can you get out there and smash it?
You gotta realise these habits are what sets you up for success or failure. Tony Robbins calls them rituals. He’s a pretty good guy to listen to. Check out his video here:

He says it so well. Focus on a few habits for now and really make them stick. A few good options would be to drink 2.5l a day, or getting up 30 minutes earlier, or increasing your number of vegetable portions. Whatever it is, pick one and win with that. We live off positivity and so the more you ‘win’ and the stronger the habits are created, the better chances you have of making those stick!
2.  Set high standards
You have a goal and you have the habits (or rituals as Tony Robbins says) and now you gotta make sure you keep them. Don’t let yourself slip by missing the day of a workout or a meal. If your standards drop, so will your results.
Find a way in which you can keep these high standards and begin to follow them everyday. It’s pretty obvious the higher standards that you set yourself, the better your results.
Successful people never let their standards drop. They’re used to continued success day after day because they strive to hit the high standards that 99% of us don’t want to know about.
A great way of setting high standards is by following The Miracle Morning rituals. Along with your affirmations and your visualisation you’ll soon realise that in order to keep up those standards have to constantly evolve and improve.
There aren’t excuses and if a workout needs to be done, it’s done. Here’s a great way to exercise at home to keep those high standards if you feel like you may miss a day.
3. Focus on YOUR goals
Successful people don’t get sidetracked by a birthday or a few friends. They know that in order to get the results they truly deserve and want, they gotta keep focused.
I’m not for one second saying you have to go to T total and be extremely disciplined. Far from it, but when these situations do arise, what separates those that crumble to those that stay on track is the ability to see through to the bigger picture.
It may be simple in swapping the chips for a plate of veg or salad or swapping from a glass of rosé to a spritzer. These small changes keep your high standards and solid habits as mentioned previously and still align perfectly with your goals.
It may take 6-12 months for you to hit your goals but you have to remember that’s ok, keep the thoughts at the forefront of your mind and realise why you’re doing it. At the end of the day it’s all about self improvement and who doesn’t want that?!
4. Understand you need help
You need help. Simple as that. Just like you employ people to look after your tax as you have absolutely NO IDEA what to do, you have no idea when it comes to exercise.
You’re probably one of those that does an hour of cardio in the gym. You hit all the machines, cross trainer, treadmill, bike perhaps and feel you’re working extremely hard but the results don’t show.
Cut to the chase and get people to fine tune your exercise for you. They have the knowledge and understanding of what to do and what will get you results. The quicker you see them and the more involved you become, you soon begin to realise that all these habits and standards play a huge role in determining the true success  and whether or not you’ll achieve them.
There’s nothing worse than spending all this time and money on going to the gym and changing your eating habits if in a few months you won’t be getting anywhere.
It’s demoralising and you’ll end up going backwards. Talk to us or join an active group who are doing what you need to be doing. Which brings us nicely to the next point.
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5. Be the least intelligent in the room
There’s a saying.
If you’re the smartest in the room, you’re in the wrong room. And I believe that to be 100% true. In fact, I couldn’t agree more.
You have to surround yourself with people who are where you want to be. Go out there and find them. They may be at the local gym, sports club or private fitness studio (AKA uFit). It’s your opportunity to go there and get to know these people. Understand what it takes to truly be successful. It may shock you.
Learn what they do day in day and day out. Copy those habits and follow the blueprints. There’s no faster way to success than modelling what’s already proven. We don’t have time to waste.
Look around yourself at the moment. Who are your closest friends? Do they smoke, drink or lead an unhealthy life? However harsh it sounds, if you truly want to be successful, you gotta move on.
We’ve seen it plenty of times here. People come, they set high standards, follow solid habits that are in line with their goals and as they evolve as a person their circle of friends change. It’s great to see. But what you will find though is that those that aren’t happy with themselves or are unable to make the life changes required to be successful will try to drag you back down to the level where it’s comfortable and you’re unhappy.
Never be sad you’re evolving as a person. It’s what life is for right? Constant progression.
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