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5 Fitness Lessons you can Learn from the Boys in Brazil

Dissapointing would be an understatement but make sure your fitness dream doesn’t start and end in the same week like our boys in Brazil.

You can learn a few things from England’s World Cup nightmare. Here’s my top 5

Rule #1: You got to have support

Just like England weren’t, you have to have a team behind you to help you on your way. It’s a lot harder on your own and you can lean on that support from other people to help you get to where you want to be. We saw that last night. So don’t be afraid to ask for help, gain confidence from others stories and use your family as a support mechanism. If other people are on your side, they’ll more than likely help you when you need it the most. (hopefully that’s after the first week!)

Rule #2: Just as you need support, you also need to take responsibility.

Don’t point fingers when things aren’t going your way. Look deep with in yourself and ask yourself if you’re doing enough. Chances are you probably aren’t. You’ll need to take yourself to the next level and stop blaming others for your failure. Stop missing the last set on the sprints, go to bed earlier, and prepare yourself properly for the day ahead. Take responsibility for your actions as they’ll determine your outcome.

Rule #3: Preparation is Key

England have had game plans but they didn’t quite stick to them and now their fate is out of their hands. Prepare your food for the next day if you’re going to be busy and don’t have the time to cook. If you don’t, you’ll end up being worse off and probably snack on all the stuff you don’t need. Prepare your workouts, know exactly what you’re doing with them and how much weight you’re using etc. The old saying is a good one ‘Failure to Prepare, Prepare to fail’

Rule #4: Use your head

Both times England have been behind, drawn level and lost it at the end to a sucker punch just when we’re searching for the winner! Similar thing can happen to you. You may be having a great day, and may want to do more than you’ve got written down on your workout but use your head. Be sensible with it. Aiming for more is never a bad thing but just bear in mind, you may overtrain, become tired, fatigued or worse, pick up an injury which will KO you for a while, or in England’s case, 4 more years of hurt!

Rule #5: Don’t F*!k it up!

You have a chance, just don’t f*%k it up by not listening to the last four rules. Just like England have.

Feel lucky, you’re able to completely change your life around and not many people can say or do that. Dedicate 100% of yourself to your new you all of the time and you’ll get there, slowly but surely.

There you have it, my top #5 rules for being better off than the England team right now.

If you have any more tips, feel free to post them in the comments section below

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