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5 Fitness Hacks You Can Implement Right Now!

Everyone wants the quick way out. We’re all looking for that short cut but most of us don’t know how to take it or where it is. 

When it comes to fitness there’s a wealth of information out there but it’s confusing and no one really understands what’s right and what’s wrong. 

We have a ‘guru’ saying one thing and then another ‘guru’ saying something completely different. Who do you believe and what will work well for you?

Well, that can get long and filtering the information can be boring to say the least. 

Here are my 5 simple fitness hacks you can implement right now to see an instant return of investment in your health 


1. Swap from normal coffee to Organo. 


organo gold


I’m guessing you’ll never give up tea or coffee. And that’s ok but you don’t want to be drinking normal coffee from Costa for the rest of your life. It’s acidic, causes inflammation in your body and will severely dehydrate you. Instead I’d opt for Organo. I’d go as far as to say ‘drink Organo or nothing else’. It’s alkaline, increases oxidisation and helps reduce inflammation. 

How simple is that? Switch from one coffee to another. 

I told you they would be simple 


2. Bring your training gear with you to work

Ok, this sounds simple too, almost too good to be true. If you bring your training gear with you, you’re more than 60% MORE likely to go and exercise! It’s quite funny isn’t it. 

I’m telling you, bring it, leave it in the car or in your bag and when you go back you’ll have saved yourself half an hour going home and then another twenty minutes to get changed and faff about. 

I know what it’s like. When we’re at home it’s easy to say you know what, I’ll leave it today, I’m tired. Some of you reading this know it’s true! So bring your gear and get changed before getting in your car. 


3. Combine the two together

Put your hands up if you do cardio at the gym? Everyone? Right…

Your strength programs and cardio programs don’t have to be on different days. Combine the both for full effect. Have a look at this workout to get an idea of what we mean. If you can combine what you do, shorten your workout time AND get better results it would be silly not to do it right? 

That’s what I thought. 


4. Text 10 of your friends RIGHT NOW!

Text your friends saying you’re going to a workout at X, or I’m going to go to the gym at this time. A few will join and it will mean A) You’ll make it there and B) You’ll have more fun!

No one likes being on their own with no support. Grab your mates, workout hard and continue to improve with each other’s help. You’ll be over 70% more likely to stick to the game plan and you’ll be doing it with people you love!

5. Do this to your bottle


bottle with times


Do this to your water bottle. You’ll end up drinking a whole lot more and never forget to do so. Water is so important, we can’t go longer than a few days without it and there’s a pretty good reason for that. By telling yourself when you need to drink a certain amount your mind will instantly recognise that and be more inclined to do it. It’s simple, easy and help with your health in the process. 

If anyone hasn’t yet either I would wholly recommend tuning in to Periscope (free app) at 7am in the morning and listening to ‘The Tales of a Life Coach’. It’s a free broadcast from a great guy called Pete Cohen who tells you how it is. It’s at 7am and you can listen to it whilst you’re on your way to work. It will instantly make you feel better!

These life hacks are easy and if you need any more information or you have any other ideas, let us know and we’ll get back to you.

Have an awesome day people!!

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