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5 exercises to burn fat twice as fast (in 20 minutes)


It’s not hard to get a great burn in a small amount of time. People complain of being time poor and unable to complete a workout.


The truth is, we always have 20 minutes whether we like it or not. That moment when you sit down in front of the TV, or the 30-60 minute lunch break. We have the option but choose not to do it.


Here, all you need is a TRX. Hook it up and away you go. I went for a 30 on, 30 off mix for 4 rounds. If you’re a newbie you may want to try 30 on 60 off.


TRX Press Ups

Hook your feet in the TRX so you’re elevated and away you go. Great for extra emphasis on the chest. If you’re a beginner, put your hands on the handles. A whole lot easier


Single Leg Squats

Pretty tough to do, so some of you may need to hit it with it both feet grounded. But you get a great burn in the glutes and quads.



The further you push the feet forward the more your back and biceps begin to feel it. Not only that but your core works like crazy to keep your hips up and your body stable


Single leg Squats on the other side

We can’t forget them can we



Pike is a great ab burner but requires good core stability and the flexibility in your lower back and hamstrings. One exercise you’ll definitely feel!


There you have it, blast out 20 minutes with a minutes rest in-between sets.

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