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30 Day Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines

The 30-day fat loss plan is designed to get you in incredible shape.

Like incredible.

But along with working out at the gym, you need to be eating the right things to progress in the way you want to.

When we started to create this manual, we wanted to make it very specific, and break down every single bit of detail.

But then we thought better.

We realised how difficult it would be because it’s highly individual and varies from person to person.

So instead?

We created this video which breaks down everything for you. So you can develop the nitty gritty details yourself.

We’re not about a one-size-fits-all program.

So in this video, we teach you

  • How to calculate your optimal intake of calories for rapid fat loss
  • How to manipulate your carbohydrates for fat loss and performance
  • How to set your macro’s up for maintaining strength whilst leaning out.

Watch it here —>

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