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3 Gym Workouts You Need To Be Using To Kick Your Metabolism Into Overdrive

Struggling With Knowing What To Do In The Gym? Feel Like You’re Putting The Hard Work In But Not Getting Anywhere? Then You Should Read This Article.


How often do you walk into a gym and not know exactly what you’re doing?

You want to lose weight and tone up but the big ugly guys are using the weights and you’re a little bit apprehensive about what they’ll think when you walk in.

The machines? You’re not really sure what they do so cardio (again – sigh) it is.

What if there was a way in which you can work out incredibly effectively in such a short amount of time?

Would that benefit you? Perhaps give you more time to yourself in the evening, knowing you’ve (probably) had a stressful day and the last thing you want is to spend more time than you need in the gym.

One which doesn’t require much preparation and once you get going, you’re off and there’s no need to tweak it further.

It’s no secret weights hold the key to your transformation.

By using them in the right way you can shape up your body incredibly well, get rid of the wobbliness and look a bit more well, feminine.

Below are three workouts in which you can apply right away, beginning next session, that will torch fat, tone you up in all the right places (think bum, thighs and your tummy) and leave you feeling all warm and happy inside.

That’s a good feeling, trust me.

The first is a full body routine. So I’d advise doing this after the other workouts.

It’ll make you burn like crazy the next day, which feels good but leaves you knowing you’ve actually done something positive towards your goal of a leaner physique.

Congrats. High five?

Full Body HIIT ~ 15 Minutes

Directions: Complete the following exercises at the end of the next two workouts IF you have time.

If not, don’t worry. Hit this up three times a week as the ultimate ‘pressed for time’ workout.

It’ll take around 10-15 minutes and is awesome at revving your metabolism for up to 48 post workout.

With Christmas coming up, it’s a nice way of being able to eat a little more without feeling guilty.


Upper Body Blitz ~ 45 Minutes

Directions: Complete these exercises in the order shown. You’ll do three sets of one exercise, with a 45 seconds rest between exercises before moving on to the next exercise.

Make sure the weights are challenging and you’re pushing yourself throughout.

Keep the rest to 45 seconds but make sure you complete it.

Lower body blitz ~ 45 Minutes

Directions: complete these exercises again in the order shown.

They’ll be challenging but so worth it.

The rest? Keep it the same, please…If the rest feels too long then increase the weights….

Again, follow the exercises in the order shown and make sure the weights are challenging and you’re pushing yourself throughout.


These workouts could be done in a format similar to this…

How do you fit this into a weekly plan?

Monday: Upper Body & Ultimate Pressed for Time Workout

Tuesday: Lower Body

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Upper Body

Friday: Lower Body & Ultimate Pressed for Time Workout

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

In the example above you’re in and out the gym quicker than the time it takes to run a bath.

You’ll be torching fat and progressing towards a leaner and stronger body.

Feels good right?

Let me know how it goes and if you have any other workouts you love to do in the gym, post them below…


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