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23 Tell-Tale Signs that you’ve wasted your money


After a pretty long convo last night (and a pretty funny one) here’s 23 tips to know if you’ve picked a complete novice trainer that’s more interested in his money than your health…

1. They try and hard sell you and demand money from the get go, even if you say no

2. The first session is a beast of a session and you haven’t done any assessment yet

3. He doesn’t care for form and yells at you to do one more rep when your backs buckling under the weight of a bar

4. He constantly drinks coffee in the session and often can’t spot you because he has a phone in one hand and a drink in the other.

5. Tells you to cut all the carbs because it’s the only way to get lean. (Other fitness myths that need to die)

money problems

6. Sells you snake oil as it’ll help get rid of that extra layer of fat

7. Puts you on a plan that’s 1000 cals a day

8. Has no regard for your long term health

9. Puts you on a bosu ball and tells you it’s ‘functional’

10. Throws words at you that sound Hebrew to which you ask what they mean and he/she has no frickin clue themselves

11. Is fat themselves and totally let themselves go

money with diets

12. Puts you on a treadmill and tells you to warm up

13. Does the same session for 3 people in a row and tells you it’s unique

14. Is constantly late for sessions

15. Blames you for not seeing results and says you’re not good enough and not working hard enough.

16. Gets you doing high reps as that’s the best way to tone up and burn fat

17. Enforces their principles on to you and when you don’t comply – says you’re not committed enough

18. Doesn’t message you outside the session checking in on you to see if you’re ok – (99% of trainers don’t do this…)

19. You pay in blocks of 5 or 10. That doesn’t get results. Weeks or months of hard work gets results. They’re doing you a disservice by not creating frequency & consistency in your plan with an end goal in mind.

20. You sit and chat most of the session as you do ‘airy fairy’ stuff so you feel like you haven’t worked out

21. On the flip side, they just get you sweating which you believe is great because you think you burn more fat when you do (you don’t)

22. Makes you eat chicken, brown rice and broccoli 5 x a day. (Hint: Do this instead: Eat Your Favourite Foods & Get In Great Shape)

23. Tells you you’ll lose x amount of weight in x amount of days. They’re lying. No one knows how much weight you can lose over a given period of time. But you can guesstimate here

– I lied, sue me…

24. In the session they constantly talk about their issues and forget to ask how you’re feeling

25. They sit at home chilling instead of enrolling for courses or spending ANY time educating themselves

BONUS: They give you a plan that they enjoy and not what you want or need but you end up doing it anyway because you think you trust them but then get no results and think ‘shit’ I’ve just wasted money on something that I knew wouldn’t work.

Here’s where I should insert info about me and uFit and how we work but I won’t do that…

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Do whatever you feel is more comfortable for you.

If that’s unsubscribe because you’ve just realised I’ve described your trainer, that’s cool ?

Enjoy the weather.

~ Sam

PS. If your PT ISN’T taking you out in this weather he’s robbing you of the only day of Summer we’re getting…SACK THEM!


PPS. Demand for a refund if any of these above are the case, don’t go wasting your money.

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