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How is 2014 Going To Be Better Than The Last?

Happy New Year uFitters!

It’s amazing what can happen in a year! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be owning my own 2,000 sq ft studio by the end of the year! It’s amazing what can happen in a year and this year is definitely going to be the biggest yet! I have some amazing promises lined up and I’m excited that you’ll be part of it 🙂

Firstly, I don’t like New Years resolutions or goals. They never last and are never strong enough. Instead make promises to yourself. Promises are much stronger and will mean more to you.

Martin Rooney lays out 4 awesome steps to making 2014 your best year yet.

Step 1: Lay the Foundations

You understand that you NEED to do exercise but will you actually take the time to do it? Will you create time to sit back and analyse where you are and where you want to go? It can make a big difference. I suggest taking a few hours out of your schedule and writing down 20 promises to yourself for 2014. Failing to do so will mean you never fulfil your intentions.

Step 2: Lay the Bricks

It’s fine thinking of your promises in your head but there’s nothing better than writing them down. You have enough information in your head so to fully complete the promises it’s best to have them as a written task. Also, you won’t forget them then.

Step 3: Get People involved

When writing up your list, you need to make the promises as specific and as realistic as you can.  They need to be something that you can achieve with dedication and the end results will give you something which to strive for.  Once you’ve completed your list, you make a few copies of the list and hang them prominently in a few places that you will see every day. You can then cross if your list as you achieve your promises or you can keep a running list of your totals so that at year’s end you can see how many promises you kept to yourself.


Step 4: Get Out and make it happen

There’s no better time to start than today so get out there and make it happen. My old goalie coach used to say to me ‘small steps make great saves’ and that applies to your promises to. Small steps do really make big changes. So don’t wait for the perfect time. Start today and make it the perfect time to start. So why don’t you go call that person that you promised to call? Go get that one thing you promised to buy. Read that book you promised to read. Do it today and I guarantee 2014 will not only be your best year yet, but it will blow your mind away.

Sam Beagle

Body Transformation Expert

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