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What Does It Take To Get In Shape?

20 Steps to not only get in incredible Shape but sustain it for life too

Let’s not overcomplicate it here.

Follow these 20 steps and you’ll be in shape for life.

You’ll no longer need to panic every March, worried that come Summer you’ll follow the same fate as the year before.

…conscious of your body on the beach


mindset gets you in shape

1. Stay positive.

No matter your progress or weight one day know it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Keep that positive mental attitude throughout. Often the hardest thing but the most necessary.

Getting in shape is ugly, it’s hard work, but the more you keep a smile on the face and stay positive when you feel like you can’t continue the easier it’ll be in the long run.

2. Take action.

shape it up

Stop waiting for inspiration.

Take action to create the inspiration that gives you the motivation. You just gotta take that first step, and I trust you’ll land in your feet.

You always do.

3. Know your why.

You’ll never get in shape if you don’t know why you’re doing it.

I don’t mean to drop 15lbs either.

I mean the benefit it’ll give you and your life.

Will you be able to spend more time with your kids? Will you finally love who you see back in the mirror? Perhaps it’s because you can’t live the life you want to with the shape you’re in?

4. Remove toxic from your life

Anyone that doubts you or tells you you won’t succeed.

Remove them.

Surround yourself with those who pick you up not knock you down.

5. You’re not perfect.

So don’t expect to be. Shoot for consistent.

Can you do these 20 steps 80% of the time?

Once you realise it’s ok to mess up once in a while the process becomes a lot easier on you.


breakfast shape

6: Calories are king.

No buts or ifs.

Know how much you need to get into a deficit to get into the shape you’re comfortable with then maintain.

And no, that isn’t starve yourself. It’s eating less then what you’re currently having.

Eat too much and you know what’ll happen. You’re there now.

7. You need protein

Can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t bulk you up or make you look like hulk.

It gives you muscles and makes you look sexy af.

1 chicken breast a day isn’t gonna cut it. Neither is 1 egg.

Your favourite Instagram babe isn’t having just that. Neither is your favourite fitness guru.

They have enough to sustain their body’s and training schedule.

Protein is required to not only help repair and develop your muscles, it also keeps you satiated much longer than most other foods…

And feeling full on a diet is a pretty good feeling…

8. Carbs and fats don’t matter as much as your calories

Listen -> Low carb is great for 2 days but be realistic and don’t forget point 6. You’re never going to live life without pizza, bread or your favourite dessert.

Ever! Who does that?

Learn to love it and keep it in your diet, because we all need balance.

Carbs and fats aren’t as important as calories.


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9. Don’t be a baby, eat your veg.

Fruit won’t make you fat. Not controlling your calories will.

Get at least 5 portions of fruit and veg in a day, and more if you can because it’s imperative you get all the nutrients!

All of them…

Brocolli, kale, spinach, cabbage, green beans, cauliflower etc etc

Bananas, apples, pears, melons, watermelons, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, berries etc.

You know the score.

10. Drink 1l per 25kg bodyweight.

You know how you feel when you’re dehydrated.

Wanna have more energy, better skin, more focus, less headaches?

Then drink up.


workouts shape you

11. Weights are necessary

You want to get a firm body, improve your posture and increase your energy then don’t be afraid of weights.

Weights won’t make you bulky, weights will completely change your physique (as long as points 6-10 are followed).

12. Train when you can.

There’s no ‘best time to train’. Just get it done, before – during or after. Just do it. And follow #5.

And follow this blog to create the best fat burning workouts you’ve EVER done.

13. Progressive overload

Don’t use the same weights and same routine for the next 6 years. Change it. Vary it. Increase the weight, reduce the rest period, add reps or sets. Basically progress each week.

14. Chill out

If you go to the gym for 7 months straight without resting you’re doing it wrong. Learn to take a break every 6-12 weeks to give your body time to rest before you go again.

15. Don’t be a copycat.

Whatever your mate is doing isn’t necessarily the program for you.

What you see in the latest ‘Health’ magazine might not be for you. We’re all unique and a one size fits all approach to your workouts won’t work. Find what suits you best.

16. Which leads me on to…

You HAVE to enjoy it. Goes without saying you’ll never stick to something that you don’t enjoy.

If you want a great body, weights are great but if you enjoy swimming do that, Zumba, do that, heck you like hiking up mountains? Do that.

Doing what you enjoy will keep you motivated.


do this to get in shape

18. Have a social life.

Don’t be a hermit that thinks every social situation will lead to total capitulation. It won’t. Enjoy a tipple with your friends on the occasion or a night in with a take away once in a while. Restrict yourself too much and you’ll go off the boil and start hating life.

Learn to have balance here

No one wants to see that on Facebook.

19. Be conscious.

Had a few extra calories today? Offset that tomorrow or over the next few days.

If you wanna lose weight then stay in that deficit. You can do that by playing around with your numbers.

If you have a social coming up then perhaps you take it light on the old calorie front for the day or two leading up to it.

Just be aware and plan ahead / after.

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20. You wanna get fit for life, not the next 21 days

Stop thinking short term. Your life isn’t short term. Your career isn’t short term. Your investments aren’t short term so stop doing the reverse to your health.

Can you sustain your habits for the next 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

Think long term and the 2 hours of bingeing won’t feel so significant.

You’re not competing or having a photo shoot in the next 12 weeks so stop actions like you are.

There you go.

Print it out, share it if you think it’ll help others, like it if it’s helped you.

These are 20 basic principles that require little effort but will reward you tenfold.

And for best results…

Follow the order.

Want more tips like this?

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