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Lunchtime options for the busy professional

Staring into Covent Garden we realise there’s a tonne of choices.


Ok, you may not necessarily work right there but the choices around London are similar.


You have the M&S Food Halls, or the Tesco’s or Itsu’s.


Much of the same.


Walking around with no prepped meals in my backpack felt a little weird to be honest.


(Geekish I know).


But there is such a huge variety and luckily it’s all so close.


Even if you walk or have to catch a train somewhere where you know there’s a decent selection of food and it’ll only take you 10-15 mins tops to grab it.


Time is limited but an extra 2 mins walking somewhere really won’t do much harm.


What shall I look out for?


Always think Protein.


Get that into your meal and you should be good.


I’d roughly say a minimum of 20g should do per meal.


That could be in the form of








Seeds / Nuts (also fats)


Next have a look at the rest of the make up.


If you’re working out or just have then you could include some carbs.


Think bread, Quinoa, rice, tortilla, oats and or sauces.


If you’re looking for quality and sustained energy opt for the quinoa or rice over the others.


These will be better pre / post workout and should help with your workout performance and energy throughout the day.


Behind Protein should be fats.


Fats are super important, they’re a little more calorie dense than the other two macronutrients  so just be on the look out for the total calories.


Most vegan meals you see have high fats simply because they contain a lot of nuts and seeds and little variety in terms of their protein.


Look for ingredients like



Pumpkin seeds

Sesame seeds



Balsamic Vinegar


And then you can also add red meats like beef as well as salmon on to that list as they both have a higher fat content than most meat.


Again, with fats try and limit them around your workout. Fats make your body digest food slower, meaning after a workout when you’re looking to replenish your glycogen stores quickly, fats would lower the benefits from your food.


Places like Pret A Manger, Itsu, M&S, Benugo, Leon, Tortilla all contain these types of food and they’re clearly marked in terms of calories, protein, carbs and fats.


Making your choice a whole lot easier!


How can I track my daily intake?


Most places have all their macronutrients on their website nowadays so it’s probably best, if you can’t find it in store, to look up there.


You can simply plug those macros in to myfitnesspal (if you can’t scan the bar code) or enter the macros manually into OTR.


Either way works quite well.


You know what you should be having a day so it’s just a case of being able to hit those numbers with as good a quality of food as possible.


Do your research 


You can stalk places before you go. Have a little research what’s nearby the night before and then make a conscious effort to visit that place and choose what you’ve seen the night before.


This will eliminate all the added stress and time of what you’re going to eat, especially when time is precious.


Then when it comes to it, you can just crack on and enjoy what you’ve chosen on a park bench on a sunny summers day. (If it’s not raining that is).


And if you can’t prepare, don’t panic, we shot a video on fitting a healthy lifestyle into a busy one.


You may want to go check it out.


In it we explain ways in which you can accelerate your fat loss, even though you’re super busy by a few simple tweaks during your day.


If you’re out travelling a lot and not only do you find lunch difficult but you’re struggling to fit in any sort of fitness routine, it may be for tough.



Feel free to add any comments on any part so we can help you further.

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