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How to overcome your cravings

Do you make no time to prepare your foods so you go off track and end up eating crap all afternoon?

One big struggle is after 2pm.

It’s like the clock hits 2pm and all of a sudden you get hungry.

You want to eat everything and anything.

You snack on chocolate



And before you know it, dinner is here.

You’ve gone completely off track and you end up feeling guilty.

Not before a couple more biscuits though.

Why is it, every day you end up doing the same thing over and over again but can’t seem to stop?

You know it’s bad for your health and results but that just doesn’t seem to stop you.

It can be a simple solution and it all starts the night before.

What is your routine when you get home? Besides eating and watching TV?

Do you have time to prepare your foods perhaps for the next day?

It may be as simple as making some overnight oats the night before, putting them in to the fridge and having them in the morning when you’re on your way to work.

That way you have a good quality breakfast and don’t skip it, which leads to hunger.

You could add some cottage cheese and vegetable sticks to that as a snack for later along with a lunch consisting of a fist sized protein portion, some quinoa and some salad.

If you had that all planned, all ready BEFORE you went to bed and BEFORE you went to work do you think that would fill you up more?

You see, the reason why you snack in the afternoon is because you’re hungry. Your hungry for energy and your body begins to crave that energy in the form of simple sugars, such as biscuits and chocolate etc.

All that does though is lead on the cravings. You crave more and more until you derail your progress.

So make some food the night before, prepare it, have it stored, ready to take it away with you so you feel full in the day and those cravings don’t come about.

The better quality food you eat the less hungry you’ll be. And that is SOO much easier when it’s already prepped so the emotion is taken away from you.

You have your foods, you can eat them and banish the cravings and the lack of progress as a result!


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