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Embarrassed by your strength? 5 exercises to a stronger upper body

Weak upper body?

A little embarrassed by it?

Complaining about your bingo wings?

Don’t be, you’re not used to exercising and you’re not sure what you can do to help build those muscles up!

It’s not about being muscly, it’s about getting rid of those flabby arms once and for all, being able to pick up and carry your shopping around, being able to lift things at home and potentially move furniture around.

Here are a few ideas for you to try before / after your session or alternatively do them at home, providing you have the right equipment.

Press Ups

The most well known exercise ever(!) I can imagine. Start on your knees and keep your hands below your shoulders, lower your body and your hips to the floor and in one nice straight line. From there, drive through your hands and chest to your starting position again. Really good exercise to develop your core, chest, shoulders and triceps.


Single Arm Rows (3 Point Rows)

Rows are great for working your back, most notably around your scapula as well as lats (side of the body) and your biceps. Keep your back straight and really squeeze your arm / back at the top of the movement.


Shoulder Press

Really good exercise for the shoulders and triceps a seated shoulder press will help when carrying your rather heavy shopping bag! This is exercise is also great for being able to lift things over your head, not that you do it much anyways but when you’re on a plane and you want to put your own luggage away above your head. This will help!


Suicide Planks

Suicide planks are great for working your upper body as well as your core stabilisers. This means it helps with posture and creating a stronger core as well as targeting those triceps and shoulders. Troubling areas for most. You can start on your knees before moving to standing position. Try to keep your core from rotating as much as possible!


Kettlebell Clean and Press

Although this works your lower body too, it’s also great for working your major muscles and getting you stronger across certain movements. Being strong across movements is more beneficial for every day life as you’re constantly on the go and aren’t necessarily just doing one single movement all the time!


There you go, a few movements you can do to help increase the strength in your upper body. It’ll take time but once you master the basics you’ll be able to do full press ups like some of our members in no time!

Aim for 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps on each exercise and pick perhaps 2-3 exercises you can do before or after a workout or even on your days off.

Small habits all add up

If you’re looking for some exercises to do at home, to help build your upper body strength as well as burn some extra fat, look no further than here

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