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When is it too late to eat?

When’s it too late to eat?

One thing we always get asked is ‘When’s the latest I can eat?’

All those old stories of:

‘You’ll gain weight if you eat after 6pm’

‘No carbs after 6pm’

Truth is.

It’s wrong.

It doesn’t really matter when you eat in the day and when you have your carbs. You can still get results.

No matter what the latest magazines says.

It’s what you love right? Being able to eat when they want and not have to worry about starving themselves.

Naomi loves her little bowl of oats in the evening before bed at 9pm.

Naomi always says how well she sleeps after.

Actually, I remember a little while ago Naomi coming to me feeling burnt out, tired all the time and generally run down.

This was before upping her carbs in the evening.

Since adding some oats, a few blueberries and some other little delights Naomi’s body fat went down, her sleep improved and her stress levels dropped.

It’s all it takes.

A little manipulation from coaches who have been there and done it.

Who have used tried and tested techniques and get results time after time.

Who listen to clients and understand their needs and wants and work to create healthy, sustainable habits with the demands of a busy life.

If, just like Naomi was you are burnt out, stressed about your appearance and aren’t feeling too great about yourself then book me for a chat.

Let’s get to work on what you can do better right now.

You never know, I might invite you in to our limited spaces trial week where you get to test us out and receive expert care and attention, just like Naomi.

What have you got to lose?

A few pounds maybe?

Give us a call on 07835179186 or email Kiran at to schedule your free chat.

Have an awesome day and don’t forget to drop me an email.

P.S – How often do you eat late then regret it the next morning? What if you found a solution that worked for you and allowed you to continously lose weight, week in, week out but also made you feel great too?

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