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11 Reasons People in Slough Tell Everyone They Know About uFit

Here are 11 interesting reasons why residents of Slough love referring the people they care about to uFit:


1. uFit is completely exclusive. That means you work out and interact with people you know and who are part of the uFit community.

2. You get rewarded. I like rewarding my clients, making them feel special, whether that’s with flowers or handwritten notes to gift certificates and free stuff.

3. You get weekly tips. Those on my list get ‘insider secrets to your best body yet’. Meaning you’ll stay on top of the game in knowledge and results.

4. Monthly newsletters delivered to your door. These are one of my favourites, they’re packed with announcements, cool articles, winner of the member of the month and tons of other local discounts.

5. Talking of local discounts – Enjoy gardening? Enjoy eating out? Want the latest training gear or fashion? We’ve got you covered with discounts!

6. Member of the month – We love rewarding hard work and there’s no better way to do that then to give our clients some vouchers for their favourite place

7. Unlike many other gyms around here we actually care about you as a person and as a client. We help you get through your struggles with our tight nit community.

8. We constantly re educate ourselves on the latest developments and the latest science meaning we stay on top of the game and give our uFitters better results!

9. Have a day out with all of us together. We’re like a family so naturally we’ll spend time with each other doing some pretty cool stuff!

10. The community we have is absolutely rocking!! Everyone is so focused and we all help each other along the way, no matter what struggles you’re having, we have got your back.

11. Our exclusive members area is where the real knowledge goes down! We inspire, educate, share success and give shout outs about anything that will give you better results.


So there you have it, 11 awesome reasons why our uFit members rave about us here at uFit Bootcamp and Personal Training.


Committed to your success

Sam Beagle

Personal Trainer


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