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The 8 Worst Breakfasts That Will Derail Your Fat Loss Efforts

Ahhhh…Breakfast, the BEST meal of the day.

Or not for some people.

Some of you skip breakfast, which may not be great either.

But after speaking to so many of you, there are a lot of bad choices floating around.

Let’s clear up the air a little bit.

Here is my take on the WORST breakfasts to have when you’re looking to lean up and be in great shape all year round.




Just why?

Cereal was around back in the day because it was cheap and other foods were rationed. It was put forward as being healthy and high in fibre when actually the opposite is pretty much true. It’s normally full of refined sugars and most cereals rarely go over 2g of fibre per serving. All it will do is raise your glucose levels, making you feel full for a short period of time before crashing your energy down until you pick up the snack. (More on that in another post).


Healthy Bar

Again, most are just pummelled with carbs and refined sugars, not really giving you much benefit other than the fact it’s food. The bars are generally quite low in calories (which is why you probably picked it up in the first place) meaning you’ll have to make up for it later in the day.

And that’s probably the time you starting being a little lazy with your food choices to.


Bread / Croissants and Tea

This could be accompanied with marmalade or jam. But any of this, if you’re serious about getting lean isn’t going to help you drop the weight. There’s no protein, just simple sugars. You’ll spike your insulin, which generally leads to a wandering appetite later in the day. They’re fortified as well, meaning nutrients are added but your body doesn’t process them like real foods.

Only real foods do that.



This happens.

Stuff gets in the way, you’re up for work and you’re rushing around in the morning.

You simply don’t have time for food.

But you want to get lean right? You want to look in great shape.

By eating nothing, will that help you?

Is it beneficial to go for long periods of food so your body starts to break down muscle?

No, so eat something. Preferably not something from this list though.


Want to know what your kitchen should have in every day to get lean and drop weight consistently? And no, it doesn’t include any of the items here. Download your fat loss blueprint here…

Fruit Juice

High in sugar and containing little value to you. Most fruit juices contain only a small amount of the actual fruit and the rest is loaded with sugar. Like other breakfasts on here, your insulin levels will spike and you’ll come crashing down soon after.

Think protein.


Fruit and Yoghurt

You want to get lean right? Think more vegetables and proteins, not fruit. Fruit is fine throughout the day, such as blueberries but loading up in the morning will just bring you down soon after. Petit-Flous or Activia is again, loaded in sugar.

Have a look at Total Greek Yoghurt.

That’s a better choice.


Muesli / Granola

No, just because it has a few nuts in it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. A few nuts here and there doesn’t make it healthy.

How much sugar is in Muesli? Can you not taste it? Most contain over 10g of sugars per serving.

That’s not including the milk you add on top.


Ready Brek

Rolled oats aren’t the same as packaged oats. If you take them out of a package rather than pour them out of a box then class them as Ready Brek or Oats So Simple and high sugar breakfasts. They’re fortified and contain little protein and fibre.

Go full Rolled Oats or opt for something else.


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