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10 Fat Loss Mistakes That Will Make You Weak And Skinny

You want to lose weight right?

So you follow what these magazines say. You try all the diets and they all work.

To some extent.

But, they leave you skinny and weak.

Or even worse, skinny fat…

No one told you that right?

Losing weight is easy. Find your energy balance but losing fat and maintaining your muscle is pretty tricky.

Most people, like you’ve probably experienced, have lost waaaay more muscle than they should have when dieting.

An experience most of our online clients have gone through

If you truly want to build a bikini body or one you’d be happy to have displayed on the front of your favourite magazine then you need to avoid these 10 mistakes.

Not only would you just look soft and deflated if you make these mistakes. You lose your strength, hard earned muscle and your libido too.

Ah yeah, if you’re doing these mistakes you can wave bye bye to your six pack.

That’s not happening.

However, if you avoid these mistakes then you’ll be strutting your stuff on the next catwalk, knowing you aren’t starving yourself, spending countless hours in the gym or eating the most boring of diets.

1 – Not eating enough. Period.

A quick way to lose weight is by dropping calories.

Dropping them excessively just leads to a stall in your progress. Your body will be saying

‘Hold on a sec, what’s going on??’

And will probably respond by maintaining the fat you have by converting your muscle to energy.

2 – Not eating enough protein

Not having the required amount of 1g per kg bodyweight has shown signs of muscle loss and strength reductions.

You end up looking flabby, losing your muscle and those nice toned arms you had coming on where a thing of the past.

Protein boosts your metabolism, meaning it increases the amount of calories you burn in a day.

3 – Doing cardio, not weights

Hitting the gym is great, but not working with weights will leave you short if you’re looking to tone up.

Doing an endless amount of cardio on the machines may increase your aerobic fitness, but it won’t do much else.

It’ll slow your metabolism and won’t promote a stimulus your muscle needs to grow.

The only thing I enjoy cardio for is to clear my head, that’s it.

For physical purposes, there’s plenty other ways to change your appearance without wasting that much time for little returns

Take HIIT or deadlifts for example…

4 – Eating clean

clean food


Eating clean is all great and that and it may make you feel like you’re doing well but it’s hardly ever tracked.

And it’s just plain boring.

Give me an apple crumble any day (as long as it hits my macros of course ?)

Whilst 80-90% of your food should be from single ingredient foods / minimally processed etc the other 10-20% should be what you enjoy the most.

As long as it roughly hits your macros.

Otherwise, you get bored of all those chicken salads and sweet potato.

And before you know it you’re stuffing your face with chocolate in front of the TV one night.

Keep a balance and don’t worry too much if you fancy a little something here and there. As long as you’re tracking and it fits, it’s all good.

5 – High Reps, low weight

We need to maintain strength. Not lose it.

If you’re currently cranking out 30 reps of a chest press you’re going to be losing muscle, and in turn it’ll leave you skinny and weak.

The best way to drop fat and weight, whilst looking lean and toned is to keep the intensity of the session.

That means go heavy and try to increase your lifts each week. Keeping it heavy means we’re burning more calories and keeping your metabolism nice and high.

Your body will thank you as you’ll maintain your strength and muscle.

6 – Training too much

If you’ve been told you have to do double sessions, 4 x a week and hit up spin followed by body pump chances are you’re on your way to weaksville, Arizona.

Your metabolism is going to crash fast.

Whilst being in a deficit your recovery isn’t going to be as good, which means we need to rest to keep our strength.

And if you’re doing that above, it’s an added unnecessary stress on the body.

Reduce your volume and keep the intensity of your sessions nice and high. You can probably do a 1/3 of what you’re doing now, recover better and still see significant changes in your body that don’t use the words skinny or weak in them…

7 – Not eating carbs

carbs are good for you

Carbs do not make us fat.

Even though insulin is the ‘fat storage’ hormone it’s only dependant on the energy balance.

Meaning if you’re moving, training and in a deficit, you won’t gain fat.

Also, being glycogen depleted in the sessions just leads to poor performance and I’ve been there. It’s never nice.

We want to fuel ourselves for the workout, so keeping our carbs as high as possible within our macro count will massively help with that.

Better workouts mean a better chance of maintaining muscle mass and keeping our metabolism nice and high.

8 – Neglecting sleep

Those who sleep less than 6 hours a night have shown to have an increased chance of obesity.

Our body recovers the best during sleep, it’s where we repair ourselves and most hormones go to work.

Failing to have at least 6 hours a night will leave you feeling weak, tired and de motivated for the workouts.

Proper rest leads to proper recovery.

9 – Not managing your stress

Elevated stress levels for a sustained period of time stunt our progress. Whilst elevated cortisol levels aren’t a bad thing, chronic levels of cortisol inhibit the effectiveness of growth hormone and testosterone.

Two hormones that contribute to increased strength and workout performance.

Our bodies in enough stress as it is in a deficit, there’s no need to add to it.

Manage our stress and we have a better chance of maintaining our muscle and dropping fat in a deficit.

10 – Juicing

Whilst I’m an advocate for juicing (at times) to extract the nutrients most of them don’t really fill you and leave you hungry a few hours later.

Not only that but they’re packed with calories that aren’t really tracked.

Try to eat your foods when in a deficit, rather than drink them.

Track your calories, avoid the unnecessary calories and eat your foods to increase the volume you’re having in a day.

On the other hand, if you’re following juice plus or Herbalife and having around 800 calories a day sure you’ll lose weight for a few weeks but you’re going to put your body under a lot of unnecessary stress.

You’ll find it hard to concentrate further down the line and complete your daily tasks.

Your recovery will become impaired and you’ll end being weak and losing a lot of hard earned muscle.

Not only that but your metabolism would have taken a nose dive and it’s a long process out of it to get it back to normal.

Making these mistakes but can’t seem to change your ways? Let us know here ->  Please help me

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